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We can provide specialist accountancy services for doctors, GP’s, surgeons and medical practitioners, including tax preparation for self assessment income tax, computations, and online submissions to HMRC.


Doctors can end up paying for a wide range of goods and services during their training and employment, including:

• travel and accommodation
• subscriptions to professional bodies, colleges, associations and trade unions
• Training courses, exams and certificates.

If you are spending money as an essential part of doing your job, you could be entitled to a tax refund by submitting a Self Assessment tax return.

When you have expenses that are eligible for tax relief (tax-deductible), you have to prove them to HMRC. Travel to temporary workplaces is a major factor in many tax refund claims for GP’s and medical practitioners.

At Taxfile we help individuals in the medical field to claim the correct expenses, such as professional body subscription fees. In certain circumstances, education and training costs will qualify for a tax refund, but the rules can be quite restrictive about this. Even things like laundry of specialized work clothing can be submitted as specific work expenses.

We can also help you calculate and work related travel expenses, although this does become dependent on circumstances (if your workplace is deemed as temporary or permanent).

Rotational contracts, where you’re working full-time at a series of hospitals over a period of years usually won’t qualify. However, if your training takes place under, for example, a single 5-year contract, then things changes. In that case, each hospital you work at will count as temporary because it’s a single employment with multiple temporary workplaces. The regulations can often be confusing, so it’s always best to get professional tax advice from Taxfile

As a junior doctor, you can claim expenses when there is a need to relocate because of training. This includes the basic travel costs, removal expenses, legal fees, subsistence and even the replacement of some domestic goods can all be eligible. However, if you’re being reimbursed, whatever your employer chips in is tax-exempt up to £8,000.

If you have expenses of over £2,500 to claim, you’ll need to register for a UTR and use a Self assessment return to get your refund. You may also need to use Self Assessment if you have other untaxed money coming in or investment/savings income over £10,000.

At Taxfile we can help you register with HMRC for self assessment, offer bookkeeping services, calculate your expenses, and submit the tax return online to HMRC. We provide services for clients within the South London area covering the borough of Croydon, Lambeth, Southwark, and Wandsworth.   We are your local tax accountants offering tax services for medical practitioners, doctors, and GP’s.


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